Project with bassoon quartet

Duo Esperanza is a part of the bassoon quartet Fagotiky which performs regularly in the Czech Republic and abroad. The other members of the ensemble are Kateřina Kmínková – the director of the Double reed Society in the Czech Republic and organiser of the Summer Oboe and Bassoon Academy in Rataje nad Sázavou – and Markéta Davidová – student at the Music Faculty in Ostrava and a lecturer at the Music School in Prague.

The ensemble frequently performs at the international festival in turkish Afyon and macedonian music festival in Ohrid. They took part in many concerts in swiss Arosa and played a full-length evening concert at the castle Rheinsberg in Germany. For Czech TV the ensemble Fagotiky performed for an episode of the musical program “Philharmonic on the Street”. They also organise educational concerts for children and handicapped. (Happy Handicap, Paraple)